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Create Strategic Focus
by Bob Powell, 11/04/01
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This approach enables an organization to develop an explicit strategy for growth and define measures to track strategy effectiveness.

It's based on systems thinking principles to allow groups to achieve consensus on what to do and on what to measure. To achieve focus, the workshop examines the value chain and develops Balanced Scorecard-like feedback. It also draws on the systems thinking archetype, the Attractiveness Principle, the structure that explains the "no organization can be all things to all people" dynamic.

An effective strategy is a feedback process. That's why it works!

A workshop on strategy provides much-needed time to stand back and focus on strategies for improving organizational performance. They shift from explaining the past to learning about the future in a creative process that develops momentum for organizational change.

For a more detailed description of this approach, see the two-page paper on Create Strategic Focus (182K)

See also: Making Strategic Choices (247K)

URL: http://www.exponentialimprovement.com/cms/strategicfocus.shtml

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