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Principles of Economic and Workforce Development
by Bob Powell, 11/29/07
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This paper takes a systems thinking perspective that is necessary for understanding the dynamically complex challenges that face our organizations, our community, and our society.

A systems thinking perspective is non-traditional, but absolutely vital if we are to successfully address issues related to workforce and economic development. Our society is in trouble; we need this.

Some of the views expressed here are counter to accepted beliefs. I do my best to explain my reasoning. That said, new data and influences that I've overlooked can change the views expressed here.

Principles of Economic and Workforce Development (pdf, 230K)
Principles of Economic and Workforce Development
 (Word, 281K)

See the comprehensive model of Workforce Dynamics for an understanding of the workforce system.

URL: http://www.exponentialimprovement.com/cms/econworkdev.shtml

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