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Systems Thinking Perspective on Manufacturing Base Restoration
by Bob Powell, 6/14/02
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A Systems Thinking Perspective on a Manufacturing Base Restoration Initiative, June 14, 2002 (revised 7/23/02) 869K

Table of Contents:

  • How to improve:
    The Exponential Improvement Technique for Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Interactions between Manufacturing and Engineering:
    Combined Exponential Improvement & The Quality Improvement Paradox
  • Why innovation alone isn't enough: Profiting from Technological Innovation
  • Barriers to improvement: Challenges That Must Be Met and Overcome
  • The Economic Environment and National Economic Policy

A Systems Thinking Perspective on A Manufacturing Base Restoration Initiative - Part II, Bob Powell, Continuous Improvement Associates, 12/01/02 (Revised 6/22/03) (272K)

Table of Contents

  • Issue: Focus on high value-added products
  • Issue: Manufacturing base restoration initiative focus? 
  • On "feasible initiatives" vs. "reversing national trends."
  • Issue: Cutting taxes to meet global competition
  • Issue: Government incentives for R&D and employing Americans
  • Issue: Attracting high wage jobs
  • Issue: Artificially high wages due to unionization
  • Excerpt A: On downsizing reengineering and restructuring from  Competing for the Future by Hamel & Prahalad
  • Excerpt B. On management vs. high wages being the source of the competitiveness challenge from Competing for the Future by Hamel & Prahalad
  • Excerpt C: from The Future of Capitalism by Lester Thurow (1996)
  • Excerpt D: from "The Long Wave Decline and the Politics of Depression" by John Sterman presentation to the Bank Credit Analyst Conference, 1992. The origin of the "long wave" from a system dynamics perspective is described in the paper by John Sterman of MIT on the Long Wave Decline and the Politics of Depression (pdf 21.1Mb).
  • Article: Split in Ranks of Business and G.O.P. on Tax Cuts, 11/29/02
  • Article: Manufacturing Contracts for Third Month, 12/2/02
  • Article: Special Visa's Use for Tech Workers Is Challenged, 5/30/03

URL: http://www.exponentialimprovement.com/cms/STMfgBaseRestorInit.shtml

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