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Workforce Dynamics
by Bob Powell,
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This paper is a brief overview of the model of workforce dynamics developed by, and activities of, the Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation Workforce Development Coalition System Definition Committee, 1998 - 1999.


Workforce Development Coalition System Definition
and Leverage Point Identification Committee
Activity Summary
Link (pdf, 378K)



  • Workforce Coalition Membership, Vision, and Mission Overview
  • Workforce Model Focusing Statement
  • Selected comments from the 1/27/99 Model Review Workshop
  • Work following the Model Review Workshop
  • The Investment in this effort
  • The Systems Thinking Methodology
  • The Road Map for Future Work
  • The Workforce Framework and Road Map diagrams
  • The Workforce Model Developed by the System Definition Committee
  • The Workforce System Model Core - The Economic System: Engine & Brake
  • The Workforce System Model - Underlying Stock & Flow Structure
  • News Article: Physicist has Springs business leaders going loopy


Workforce Model Review Workshop, 1/27/99 (pdf, 5.9M)


Project Wrap-up Meeting, 8/31/99 (pdf, 3.4M)

URL: http://www.exponentialimprovement.com/cms/workforce.shtml

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