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Why do I Write Articles & Refer to Them?
by Bob Powell, 3/5/17
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A "conservative" sees me as "arrogant" for referring to articles on my website. I respond.

I was asked: Why do you always tout your own writing when disagreeing with someone?

My response: I do because I've examined the issue(s) and have no interest in repeating on Facebook what I've already written about. In fact, I often write articles in response to posts/comments I've seen because responses on FB are ephemeral and too often deleted. Writing to make the same point(s) over and over is boring and a waste of time.

Why would anyone see this as "touting" my own writing any more that making the same extended comment on FB?

I've often seen this "touting" comment; it's merely an effort to try to get me to shut up or an excuse to ignore my reasoning.

The Response and some questions:

I saw it as being arrogant, but your response makes sense.

I have a few questions I would like your response to.

See my response to those questions here:

Questions From a Trump/Republican Supporter, 3/12/17 Summary: A "conservative" Trump supporter asks if I'm OK with vulgar protesting, if I accept Trump as president, if it's OK that Obama is "taking down" Trump, do I approve of litter and destruction, do I research both sides of issues, why do "you liberals" think conservatives want dirty air & water, and the left is just as tribal as the right.

URL: http://www.exponentialimprovement.com/cms/whywritearticles.shtml

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