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Response to Gardner on BCRA: Liar, Pants on Fire
By Bob Powell, 7/11/17

Liar-in-Chief Trump: "You're going to end up with great health care for a fraction of the price and that's gonna take place immediately after we go in. OK? Immediately. Fast. Quick."

This is my letter to Cory Gardner that I carried to his Colorado Springs office on 7/11/17 in reply to the lies in his e-mail letter on 6/30/17, which responds to my previous letter of 6/27/17

July 11, 2017

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner said Thursday that he was taking his first look at the Senate's version of the replacement for the Affordable Care Act, which he helped craft, and that the bill "deserves serious debate, not knee-jerk reaction."

The Senate bill passes and, of course, you'll be happy that more than 22 million more Americans will be uninsured. The Senate bill passes and 210,000 Americans will die over 10 years.

What is YOUR SHARE of those deaths, Mr. Gardner?

Mr. Cory Gardner
102 S. Tejon Street, Suite 930
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Mr. Gardner,

You do nothing to improve the lives of Americans. You make things worse. You offer "fake health insurance" that kills.

Global Warming just won't kill people fast enough. Your "Tax Bill", disguised as a "Health Care Bill", will result in 210,000 Americans deaths when 22M lose coverage. Many others will be bankrupt after going, as Republicans recommend, to the emergency room.

Here are your lies in your e-mail letter on 6/30/17 to me (attached) and my responses. I'd addressed these points in my letter to you, but you ignored what I wrote.

Points I make in "Cory Gardner's 'Better Care' Betrayal" 6/27/17 to which you respond.

The Senate so-called Better Care Reconciliation Act will leave 22 million more Americans be uninsured by 2026. The budget office projects that by 2026, 49 million people would be uninsured, compared with 28 million people if the current law remained in effect. It is a "tax cut" bill for the wealthy, paid for by stealing billions from working people & destroying health care for millions. That's even though Tax Breaks for the Top 1% are 1/6th of all Tax Expenditures and 2.7X SNAP (food stamp) benefits. Tax Expenditures going to the top 20% are greater than military spending, which is $599B and 54% of all Discretionary Spending!

Note: Not a word in your letter response (pdf attached) about the enormous Tax Cuts for the wealthy, which is the real purpose of this "Tax Cut" bill disguised as a "Health Care" bill. Thieves!

Here goes. Your lies in your letter are in blue:

1. ... it remains clear that the Affordable Care Act is imploding and it is vital we bring relief to Coloradans. ... The instability of the individual health insurance market has resulted in multiple insurers removing plans from the state health exchange for this plan year. ...

The PPACA isn't simply "imploding". Republicans sabotaged the PPACA.

First: by eliminating "risk corridors" funding.

Second: now by threatening to stop paying subsidies. Both these caused health insurance corporations to pull out of markets. Republican liars are killing it. The loathsome Republican legislation allows eliminating "essential health benefits", which is what allows purchasers to actually have meaningful health insurance. Republicans don't give a damn about the Patient Protections aspect of the PPACA.

Republicans say, people should "not have to buy coverage they do not want?" "Want or not want" should not be an option if the health insurance system is not to fail totally because of adverse selection. I describe what that is at Adverse Selection

Health insurance corporations' business model was failing, which is why they supported the PPACA.

Third: U.S. judge finds that Aetna deceived the public about its reasons for quitting Obamacare by Michael Hiltzik

Aetna's about-face on the ACA came less than a month after the Justice Department sued to block the company's $37-billion purchase of Humana. 1/23/17Aetna claimed this summer that it was pulling out of all but four of the 15 states where it was providing Obamacare individual insurance because of a business decision - it was simply losing too much money on the Obamacare exchanges.

Now a federal judge has ruled that that was a rank falsehood. In fact, says Judge John D. Bates, Aetna made its decision at least partially in response to a federal antitrust lawsuit blocking its proposed $34-billion merger with Humana. Aetna threatened federal officials with the pullout before the lawsuit was filed, and followed through on its threat once it was filed. Bates made the observations in the course of a ruling he issued Monday blocking the merger. ...

Aetna executives had moved heaven and earth to conceal their decision-making process from the court, in part by discussing the matter on the phone rather than in emails, and by shielding what did get put in writing with the cloak of attorney-client privilege, a practice Bates found came close to "malfeasance."

Aetna tried to leverage its participation in the exchanges for favorable treatment from DOJ regarding the proposed merger. - U.S. District Judge John D. Bates

For EVERY case the Red Republican premium after tax credit is higher.

I thought Republicans see too high premiums as a problem???
From: The C.B.O. Did the Math. These Are the Key Takeaways From the Senate Health Care Bill by HAEYOUN PARK and WILSON ANDREWS, 6/26/17

2. ... It is vital that any health care plan offers states the flexibility they need, while also ensuring stability for Colorado's sickest and most vulnerable patients.

The PPACA is for Patient Protection, about which Republicans don't give a damn.

That's clear from your efforts on "flexibility" ... which means eliminating Essential Health Benefits that include doctors' services, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, prescription drug coverage, pregnancy and childbirth, mental health services, and more.

Your "flexibility" would largely be achieved by offering skimpier plans with higher deductibles, and by pricing the old and the sick out of the insurance market.

Patient Protections are NOT, as Ted Cruz paints them, "bells and whistles" frills. They are ESSENTIAL COVERAGES IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE. Having those benefits is not a "Cadilac plan", but one with benefits that help prevent Death. The Republican falsely-named "Better Care" Act and Cruz' plan are both FAKE HEALTH CARE.

Sen. Ted Cruz: 'Let's Use Warren Buffett's Taxes and Not Some 30-Year-Old Who's Struggling' By Susan Jones, CNS News, 7/10/17

"If you want to buy a plan with all the bells and whistles, with all of the mandates under Title 1 (Obamacare), you can buy that plan, those plans will be on the market. Those plans will have significant federal taxpayer money behind them.

"But on the other hand if you can't afford a full Cadillac plan, you should be able to buy another plan that meets your needs. And so the consumer freedom option gives you, the consumer, choice whether to go with the full Cadillac or a skinnier plan that's a lot more affordable, and for a lot of consumers, that may be much better than having no coverage whatsoever, which is what they have now."

Because of "adverse selection", a health insurance mandate is required to avoid health insurance system collapse, but Republicans lie and ignore this fact of life. See

3. ... families have faced significant premium increases.

Yes, that's because of health insurance & drug corporations, not the PPACA. Your BCRA will result in greater increases for all but some younger Americans. You offer FAKE COVERAGE without Patient Protections. (see chart above)

4. ... Many Americans today choose not to visit the doctor or purchase necessary medication because they simply cannot afford to do so.

"Cannot afford to do so" because so-called "conservative" policies have driven people into poverty, kept them there, and made the wealthy even richer.

5. ... expand access to care ...

... blatant lie ... 22M will lose health insurance and over 200,000 will die over 10 years because of it. You're a murderer hired by the wealthy for tax cuts.

Again, you are no representative of mine, nor of the vast majority of the American people, instead you represent your wealthy donors whose taxes you'll cut.

I'll not say anything about you that Trump hasn't said about journalists. I'll say about you what he's said about them: You are "crooked", "lying", "thieving", "dishonest", "disgusting", "corrupt", "scum", and "Enemy of the American People".

The Republican Party is the Republican Party of Death. Republicans are moral monsters who support a moral monster: Thug Troll Tweeter Trump. Your actions reveal you for who you are.



Robert E. Powell, Ph.D. Physics, MBA
Continuous Improvement Associates
6992 Blackhawk Place
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Gardner's 6/30/17 letter to me (pdf format)

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