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Manufacturing Task Force Proposals
by Bob Powell, 8/31/05
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This file contains the proposals accepted by the Magellan Center in July 2005 for inclusion in the bundle of proposals for which the Center is currently seeking funding. The two proposals are: "Collaborate to Compete in Manufacturing" and "Fostering Innovation Dynamics."

The Pareto diagram shown in the proposals was created using a Facilitating Group Action process to determine what manufacturers most wanted to derive from an ongoing manufacturing association and create alignment. The Task Force formed Subcommittees to address each of the top-ranked areas: manufacturing excellence, innovation, knowledge distribution, and area marketing.

Also appended to the proposals is the paper, "Can Innovation Be Managed," on an interview with four experts on innovation. The comments in this interview were used as a "virtual group" to create the system dynamics stock & flow diagram in the "Fostering Innovation Dynamics" proposal.

URL: http://www.exponentialimprovement.com/cms/mfgtfprop.shtml

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