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Libertarian Objections
Libertarian Denial of The Commons, Global Warming & Path Dependence
Libertarians object to the reality of well-known systems structures: In one case that the overshoot & collapse of the population on Easter Island was because it hadn't privatized the commons; it had a tribal culture without private property rights ... if they'd only known :-). Another quotes Gandhi (wow!) who warned us of the likes of liberals like me; and he denies the reality of global warming and the path dependence dynamic.

Libertarian Objections
I Can Disprove 'Progressive' Anti-think
A libertarian ignores reality, blames "free market" failures on government, and "disproves" what he refers to as "so-called 'progressive' anti-think" by making a false analogy between progressively taxing income and progressively taxing intelligence & performance. I describe the "path dependence" dynamic that makes progressive taxation necessary to avoid extremes of poverty and wealth.

Libertarian Objections
Government Dysfunction
Libertarians oppose government. But, while government policies are often dysfunctional, the same is true of corporate policies. The use of system dynamics and systems thinking contribute to advances in policy design. It is possible to design a world that works for everyone ... if we wish to do so.

Libertarian Objections
"Fallacy of the Commons"
When confronted with a situation that cannot be addressed at the individual level, but requires a collective solution, libertarians are in denial. A striking example is that they recast a very real structure like the "tragedy of the commons" as a "fallacy of the commons." Added: Response to a critic. The dynamics from growth to overshoot & collapse and the difficulty of estimating exponential behavior.

Libertarian Objections
The Commons: What Tragedy? by Wilton D. Alston

This is the commentary that describes me as an "Economic Ignoramus" and to which I respond at the link in this article.

Libertarian Objections
Problems: A Society's or An Individual's?
Does a "society" have problems or do the people who make up society have problems that they must solve individually? The answer: both.

Libertarian Objections
Command and Control
Conservatives and libertarians have a false belief: "You're better off to just leave it alone. Let the 'free market' take care of it, because 'government will just screw things up!

Libertarian Objections
Libertarian Quotes
Here are quotes from libertarians that they use to ostensibly promote freedom, but can more appropriately be seen as promoting a more universal view of freedom.

Libertarian Objections
There's No Collective or Social Reality
Libertarians maintain there is no such thing as a collective or social reality. Only individuals exist. Their belief is that "Individuals find their own solutions, negotiate their own agreements and act on their own volition." This denies reality.

Libertarian Objections
Objection to 'Explaining Liberal Principles'
A great example of "conservative" denial of reality that proffers the "simple" as truth and points out the "depth of depravity of liberal 'logical thinking' when it comes to principles."

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