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by Bob Powell, 6/30/06
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This has worked for me. I'm a skeptical person, but I'm convinced about this.

I'm well on the way to ridding my body of candida, which has been a trial for me for years ... causing excess gas on my stomach and sapping my energy.

Considering this the weight loss is a bonus. Over 30 days and 2 "9 Day Cleanse" cycles I've I've lost 15 lbs and 3/1/2" off my waist.

It's been relatively easy. I did a special cleanse diet several years ago, but sticking to it was difficult and it was not nearly as effective.

Here's some info:

Why Cleanse? (pdf, 2.2Mb  ... right click for a download option) Explains why cleansing the body is needed and how the program works.

Audio (mp3, 2.7Mb ... right click for a download option) of a discusson with several of Doctors on the Isagenix Medical Advisory Board talking about Cleansing, Why to Cleanse, their personal experience, and how they see the program working with their patients now.  Its about 15 minutes and then they start talking about other products. 

For more information contact:

  • Barbara Roeckel at barbara (at) roeckel dot com
  • Bob Powell at scuba (at) usa dot net

Also see the Isagenix website and also testimonials.


Isagenix - what to expect from my experience

- The Isagenix cleanse drink (especially), snacks, shake and tasted awful to me at first. But after a few days they began to taste pretty good. I attribute that to my body chemistry changing from acidic to alkaline. Everything tastes different now ... and better. Thankfully I don't feel I need to eat as much as before.

- I no longer crave or drink diet drinks ... now drink iced tea some, but mostly ice water. I don't miss it.

- I no longer eat products with yeast. I eat flour tortillas instead with whatever ... as a wrap with something like sauted onions, celery, peppers, and chicken. I've had candida for years, which has caused a lot of stomach upset and gas ... and probably craving for foods that aren't good for me. The cleanse part of the program, along with this change, has made a big difference. I feel 100% better at least. Not totally cured, but then I've had this problem for over 15 years and don't expect it to kick it that quickly. Being able to give sandwiches with bread eluded me for years, even though I knew it was making me sick. If you don't have this problem, following the Isagenix regimen might be even easier for you.

Isagenix - tips and techniques that worked for me

- Follow the Time Line schedule. It kept me from getting hungry and my body from getting into ketosis. The key seems to be to eat the snack & almonds before getting hungry.

- If you do get hungry sooner, go ahead and have a snack with a few almonds or a Granny Smith apple. The schedule says the almonds are optional, but go ahead and eat two, three or four. I nibble a third or quarter of the snack tablet along with an almond ... very good.

- Don't worry about "cheating." If hungry, eat a snack with almonds, a Granny Smith apple, or a hard-boiled egg. The main thing is making progress and a few extras won't stop that. The more progress I see, the more I'm motivated to follow the program, which brings more progress.

- I found organic almonds at the health food store (Vitamin Cottage) that were cheaper than almonds at regular grocery store.

- Drink the ice water ... it says, 8 - 16 ounces ... drink toward the high end of that. Always keep it nearby and keep drinking throughout the day. Don't let your body get dehydrated.

- I take a bottle of ice water with me wherever I go. I do get thirsty and don't always realize it for a while ... then I think, "I'm thirsty." Having the water handy is a big help.

- Granny Smith apples: I cut them up in wedges and sprinkle them with salt (I use "light salt" ... half potassium chloride). These apples don't have a lot of sugar and taste slightly bitter with a dry aftertaste. With salt however, they taste very sweet. Satisfies my sweet tooth after meals.

- To prepare the Shakes: I found a Zyliss "Shake 'n go" 16 oz shaker at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's got a circular insert grid that wedges into the plastic cup. It works really well and I love it. It doesn't leak when shaking and the shake has few, if any, lumps. It has a measuring scale on it, which is handy for measuring the 4 oz cleanse drinks. For $4.99 regular price and also using one of their 20% off coupons, it's a great deal. Target also had a shaker, but it was $10 and didn't look like as good a product.

- To avoid constipation on Cleanse days, take one or two magnesium citrate tablets at bedtime. Also, a heaping teaspoon of psyllium husk powder shaken or stirred in 8 ounces of water helps fill me up.

- When needing to munch, especially on Cleanse days, eat some celery ... yes, I light salt it. It's got few (no?)calories and adds some fiber.

- See Maximizing Fat Burning document (Word 52K, pdf 124K) for tips on what foods to prefer and avoid. Tips from this:

- To maximize the stimulation of the fat burning hormone glucagon, eat a bite or two of protein FIRST, BEFORE EATING ANY CARBS.

- Never skip eating your protein at breakfast or lunch...if you do YOUR BODY WILL STORE FAT INSTEAD OF BURNING IT!  In other words, don't sabotage your results by eating incorrectly at any meal. 

URL: http://www.exponentialimprovement.com/cms/isagen.shtml

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