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'Conservative' Imposters: Gazette Hit Job on Gaebler
by Bob Powell, 3/27/17
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Summary: The "conservative" Colorado Springs Gazette editorial, "Jill Gaebler is conservative impostor", shows they don't know the meaning of the word, conservative. They are the impostors. That's clearly illustrated by their views on Global Warming and "impact fees" on developers. They are either ignorant on science and economics or they are lying. In any case, what they promote is theft from the public in service of corporate profits.

Those with children who don't understand that voting for Trump/Republicans has sentenced them to a future dystopia of environmental destruction and economic collapse.

Trump/Republican supporters shout "You lost. Get over it!"
No, you lost! We all lost ... especially the children ... your children!
Look at them and weep for what's coming.

Here's what Trump/Republican supporters bring:

Drought - from higher temperatures 
Fires - from drought and changing climate ... trees do not migrate when there's drought: 102 million dead California trees.
Floods - because when it does rain there will be downpours that result in flooding because of more water in the atmosphere.
Hurricanes - more devastating hurricanes because the oceans are warmer
Sea Level Rise: "By 2045, the sea level is expected to rise at least a foot. In South Florida, where most land sits five feet above current sea level, homes and roads are expected to start flooding more frequently. It’s only a matter of time, scientists and economists warn, before it becomes so unbearable that people will pick up and leave—ditching their mortgages and devastating the economy."
Ocean life dying - more CO2 dissolved in the oceans make them more acidic destroying the coral and phytoplankton and devastating aquatic populations that feed on them. Half of the O2 produced on earth comes from the phytoplankton we are killing.

But no problem ... ISIS ... and Syrian refuges fleeing ISIS ... are the true threats.

So-called 'conservatives" are ignorant on both economics and business. A major error is they don't understand that imposing the negative externalities of CO2 into the atmosphere means theft from everyone on earth for the profit of a few.

This is "free market" theft! That's because "market forces" cannot properly balance supply and demand if all costs of providing a product or service are not internalized.

This was not published in the G.
It is in the Colorado Springs Independent 3/29/17 digital edition, p. 6.


Your editorial, "Jill Gaebler is conservative impostor", shows one thing: "conservatives" are impostors who don't know what the word, conservative, means. Gaebler does.

Prime examples are your Global Warming denial and opposition to "impact fees" on developers.

The Physics of Global Warming isn't complicated. Denial requires blind ideology and a dedication to not understand.

Global Warming Facts: At current CO2 levels more heat is absorbed by the atmosphere than goes back into space; this heats the planet. Humans emit twice as much CO2 than is absorbed by plants and the oceans, increasing the imbalance. CO2 absorbed by the oceans makes them warmer and more acidic; this reduces ocean oxygen and the production of oxygen by phytoplankton, which produces half the oxygen on earth.

NASA: temperature has climbed "roughly ten times faster than the average rate of ice-age-recovery warming." A hotter planet means more drought and wildfires. Warmer oceans mean more atmospheric moisture, stronger hurricanes and tornadoes, more severe flooding and snow storms when moisture hits cold fronts. Others pay the costs to subsidize fossil fuel corporation profits.

The case for impact fees is even simpler. Unless the costs of all the infrastructure required to support developers' products are included in their cost, market forces cannot properly balance supply and demand. Purchasers make uneconomic decisions when product costs are subsidized. It's not conservative to tax the public to increase the profits of those who burden the public.

Your thinking: Never mind that subsidizing developers by not imposing impact fees results in enormous infrastructure backlogs and more taxes on the public ... and potholes!

Your so-called "conservative" ideology isn't conservative at all; it's theft.

Bob Powell, PhD physics, MBA
Colorado Springs, CO


Ah, the Good Ole Days.

























URL: http://www.exponentialimprovement.com/cms/gazettehitjobongaebler.shtml

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