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Freedom from Software Faults
By Bob Powell, 9/9/05

This Richard Wallace site, Emendo Ex Erratum, has a name that means "Freedom from faults due to errors." It's dedicated to the advancement of sound, science-based design, proof, and implementation of Critical Software Products.  Consulting services are available on a case by case basis.

This emphasis is consistent with Systems Thinking:

We should not be surprised … that so many managers have so little time to think because they are constantly engaged in firefighting. To me, this prevalence of mishap is a strong argument for running our companies with the same low tolerance for error in management that we currently employ in the more technical parts of the business. As many, if not more, human fates ride on the quality of management’s decisions in a takeover, merger, plant closing, or product change as there are at risk on a North Sea platform or inside a Boeing 747. … We should not be so willing to take more risks in nontechnical work simply because the results of our errors are less immediately violent.

Arie de Geus, The Living Company, 1997, p. 66

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