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AHCA Letter to Lamborn
by Bob Powell, 5/4/17
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Liar-in-Chief Trump: "You're going to end up with great health care for a fraction of the price and that's gonna take place immediately after we go in. OK? Immediately. Fast. Quick."

Here is the letter I delivered to Lamborn's office on the murderous AHCA bill he just signed that gives enormous tax cuts to the wealthy by denying millions of Americans health insurance.


I visited Lamborn's office today. Talked to the "staff guy" who said he was not a "policy guy".

I gave him the linked letter and told him the ACHA's goal is to kill more Americans.

He said he didn't know what the "adverse selection" dynamic is and, after I explained it, denied it was true for health insurance. I said that some guys got the Nobel Prize in 2001 for understanding this, but Republicans have yet to become aware of it. I told him that he denied the effect because he is ignorant.

He said that people were also saying that the PPACA (Obamacare) was going to kill people. I replied that they were lying, but it is not a lie that many of the 24+ million who will lose health insurance coverage will die.

I noted that the goal is providing enormous tax cuts to the wealthy by denying millions of Americans health insurance. I asked if he's aware of how large Tax Expenditures are: He was not. I stated facts from my article on Tax Expenditure Entitlements, but no comment ...

  • Tax Expenditures are 10% greater that ALL Discretionary Spending funded by income taxes ... that's $1.22T vs $1.11 Trillion! WTF???
  • Over half of Tax Expenditures go to the top 20% ... that's 50.6% or $617B.
  • Tax Expenditures going to the top 20% are greater than military spending ... that's, $599B, 54% of Discretionary Spending! WTF???
  • 16.6% of Tax Expenditures go to the top 1% ... that's over twice the 7.7% that goes to the bottom 20%; $203B vs $94B

He denied people would die and had no answer to, "Do you deny that some of those 24 million will die?"

Here is the letter as delivered to Lamborn and here is its content:



May 4, 2017

Doug Lamborn
1125 Kelly Johnson Blvd. Suite 330
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Mr. Doug Lamborn,

The Republican ACHA plan is a moral monstrosity. Your dedication to assuring that more American citizens die is clear.

The Constitution says that the purpose of government includes "promote the general Welfare". Government must do this because the adverse selection dynamic causes the health insurance "free market" to fail. It does not work. (see diagram).

This is why the U.S. Must have a Single-Payer, Medicare for All, health insurance system.

On my website, I explain that, without universal coverage, the U.S. health insurance systems is fatally flawed because of adverse selection. Added to that fundamental flaw, it makes our economy less competitive, discourages U.S. innovation, costs the U.S. twice as much per capita, puts low-level corporate bureaucrats between patients and doctors, has obscene CEO pay, misrepresents profits & exorbitant overhead costs, bankrupts Americans, and leads to the deaths of 100,000 persons/year because the U.S. system isn't as good as that of France. See the details on my site at the link below the diagram.

You are no representative of mine, nor of the majority of the American people, instead you represent insurance corporations and the wealthy whose taxes you'll cut. This is why I do not refer to you as "Representative".

I will not say anything about you that Trump has not said about journalists. I will say about you what he has said about them. You are "crooked", "lying", "thieving", "dishonest", "disgusting", "corrupt", "scum", and "Enemy of the American People".

The Republican Party is the Republican Party of Death.



Robert E. Powell, Ph.D. Physics, MBA
Continuous Improvement Associates
6992 Blackhawk Place
Colorado Springs, CO 80919



Added 4/5/17

What's actually in the latest House GOP health care bill? By JAKE MILLER CBS NEWS, 5/4/17










URL: http://www.exponentialimprovement.com/cms/achalettertolamborn.shtml

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