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Why Use CIA Consulting?
By Bob Powell, 2/1/03

Are you tired of short-term "solutions" that lead to crisis and firefighting

Are you tired of "quick fixes" that provide short-term gain, but long-term pain?

Do you know in your heart that your organization can be many times more efficient, effective and adaptable than it is? Well, you're correct!

Are you looking for an approach that makes it possible to achieve fundamental, long-term organizational improvement?

Foxy, Tanny, and Scuba (greyhound/golden lab mix) looking around in Colorado.

Well stop looking. This is the site for you.

We can help.




Foxy, the dog, a Blue Heeler, at ~ 3 years old.

Foxy, the dog, a spirited force of nature,
returns to spirit ... died on 9/10/06  
19 years 8 months, 10 days old.


In memory of Scuba (1040K pdf) 2/1/83 - 7/3/97, 14½ Great Years

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