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Workshop Overview
by Bob Powell, 12/4/02
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Facilitation, exponential improvement, and strategy workshops progressively develop capabilities for short-term to longer-term improvement. While these are the most basic capabilities needed for improvement, there are many other applications on this site.

Team Facilitation: 

A facilitation workshop builds the group skills necessary for efficient and effective process improvement. Groups with these skills see immediate improvement.

In this workshop groups overcome "multiple personality disorder" so they learn to achieve participative consensus to make efficient and effective decisions ... considering their real issues and problems ... and know that they've done so. 

Exponential Process Improvement:

An exponential process improvement workshop develops an organization's ability to improve processes in order to gain the time to work on truly long-term improvement. This work generally provides significant improvement over a period of 3 to 12 months.

This workshop moves teams from firefighting to long-term improvement. They learn to make the invisible, visible; that is, the problems they prevent are made visible.

Exponential improvement gives organizations a way to realistically achieve consensus on improvement targets: how much improvement to expect and how long it will take to make them (half-life estimates). And it provides a way to track that improvements are progressing as expected (half-life plots). It provides a method to reward teams for disaster prevention, rather than for disaster recovery. It can save time, dollars, and even lives.

This approach to organizational improvement helps keep organizations out of crisis. Staying out of crisis is the only decent way to live.

Create Strategic Focus:

Processes exist within the context of a system. A strategy workshop breaks through organizational silos, developing an organization's knowledge of what to measure and who needs to talk to whom. This work generally provides significant improvement over a period of 6 months to 2 years.

In a strategy workshop organizations develop an explicit strategy for growth and measures to track how effective the strategy is. It is based on systems thinking principles that allows groups to achieve consensus on what to do and on what to measure. To achieve focus, the workshop draws on the systems thinking archetype, the Attractiveness Principle, the structure that explains the "no organization can be all things to all people" dynamic.

A workshop on strategy provides much-needed time to stand back and focus on strategies for improving organizational performance. They shift from explaining the past and adapting to external conditions to learning how to create a desired future and generating momentum for fundamental organizational change.

URL: http://www.exponentialimprovement.com/cms/WorkshopOverview.shtml

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