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Contact Bob, About CIA
by Bob Powell, 1/1/03
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Formerly and more formally
Continuous Improvement Associates uses the lens of systems thinking to facilitate exponential process improvement and strategic alignment. We assist organizations in designing improvement structures and strategies to explicitly define system feedbacks that foster improvement and in developing measures that monitor improvements are actually on track.

Purpose: Raise the consciousness of individuals, teams, and organizations to support more fulfilling, prosperous and sustainable lives.

Vision (outcome): Organizations that increase performance by an order of magnitude over current practice (no kidding ... with exponential Improvement this is truly possible).

Vision (vehicle): A consulting company of people dedicated to improving the quality of our organizational lives.


Bob Powell, Ph.D., MBA
Continuous Improvement Associates
6992 Blackhawk Place
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Ph. 719 599-0977
E-mail: scuba (_at_) usa.net

Currently (11/07) and less formally
Ph.D. Physics, Case Western Reserve University
MBA, Florida Institute of Technology
Martial Arts: Black Belt in Aikido
Foreign Language: French

Projects have included:

  • Crystal Specialties on improvement of GaAs crystal growth process improvement
  • Greater Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation on labor market economics, the structures of the workforce system, and economic clusters.
  • System integration study on re-engineering the MEMSCAD design flow (CAD design of microelectromechanical systems)
  • System thinking modeling of police officer calls for service
  • Defense Conversion benchmarking and strategy development
  • Model of membership issues for Pikes Peak Church of Religious Science (now the Community for Spiritual Living) - applicable to any volunteer organization
  • A variety of other models 
    • Maintaining a culture of staff ownership
    • Health care dynamics
    • Project management dynamics
    • Growth dynamics (The Tangle of Growth)
    • Profitting from innovation
    • Dynamics of offshoring

Consultant and speaker on "Continuous Improvement and Learning Organizations" including production / business process improvement and the tools of learning organizations:  system feedback/metrics, systems thinking, system dynamics modeling, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning.

Bob has held positions as manager of ASIC product engineering (see the paper on Exponential Improvement for and overview of the results) and ASIC CAD software integration in the semiconductor industry (Extraordinary Management Excellence Award). He has numerous publications in the fields of physics, software integration, and financial analysis.


Solar system on roof: On the Summary tab on the bottom of the page, drag the time indicator back and hit play to show the power produced by each panel throughout the day. On the Charts tab, see graphs of the power produced by hour, day, month, or year ... by whole system, string, or panel.

URL: http://www.exponentialimprovement.com/cms/ContinuousImprovementAssociates.shtml

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