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Letter to Lying Lamborn on Trump/Comey, AHCA, Republican Budget
Delivered this letter to Mr Lamborn's office in Colorado Springs on 6/9/17 [pdf]. It reviews Lamborn's lies about the Comey testimony, the deaths Lamborn imposes on Americans, and lies about the deadly Republican budget that creates even more of a "culture of dependency" for the wealthy. The "tax cut" bill disguised as a "health care" bill, passed by the House will result in 220,000 American deaths over 10 years.

AHCA Letter to Cory Gardner
Here is the letter I delivered to Gardner's office in Colorado Springs on the murderous AHCA bill Republicans just passed in the House that gives enormous tax cuts to the wealthy by denying 24 million Americans health insurance to provide $765B in tax cuts: $490B (64%) goes to the top 20%; $306B (40%) to the top 1%.
It's not just those 17,000/yr to 29,000/yr who die that will be negatively affected. Note, that's an average of 23,000 persons/year who will die; over 10 years that's ~230,000 persons who will die.  Also affected will be family and friends of those who will die; if that's perhaps 10X as many, then 2.3M will be affected.
Republicans have complained about rising PPACA premiums, but you ain't seen nothing yet! "Perhaps the most widely shared detail in the report was an estimate that the average 64-year-old making $26,500 would pay an additional $12,900 in premiums every year to purchase insurance that would provide fewer benefits than under Obamacare."
Republicans Beware the Backlash!

AHCA Letter to Lamborn
Here is the letter I delivered to Lamborn's office on the murderous AHCA bill he just signed that gives enormous tax cuts to the wealthy by denying millions of Americans health insurance.

The Existential Threat of Global Warming
My 4/19/17 PowerPoint presentation to the Colorado Springs Utilities Board on "Climate Change ... an Existential Threat to Life on Earth"

'Conservative' Imposters: Gazette Hit Job on Gaebler
The "conservative" Colorado Springs Gazette editorial, "Jill Gaebler is conservative impostor", shows they don't know the meaning of the word, conservative. They are the impostors. That's clearly illustrated by their views on Global Warming and "impact fees" on developers. They are either ignorant on science and economics or they are lying. In any case, what they promote is theft from the public in service of corporate profits.

Questions From a Trump/Republican Supporter
Summary: A "conservative" Trump supporter asks if I'm OK with "vulgar protesting", if I accept Trump as president, if it's OK that Obama is "taking down" Trump, do I approve of litter and destruction, do I research both sides of issues, why do "you liberals" think conservatives want dirty air & water, and the left is just as tribal as the right.

Why do I Write Articles & Refer to Them?
A "conservative" sees me as "arrogant" for referring to articles on my website. I respond.

Liberal Economic Policies: Ineffective and Profoundly Immoral? NO.
What's called "classical liberalism" is not liberalism, it's neoliberalism or "free market capitalism". Liberal policies, or progressive policies, are not immoral; insufficiently-regulated capitalism is immoral. The real problems are the redistribution of costs in capitalism, which is the most prevalent "socialism" in the U.S. and the world.

Colorado Springs' Panhandling On Medians Ordinance

This article is about the City Council Meeting on 1/24/17 on the Ordinance on the use of medians to put what's happening in a larger context. It contains my extended perspective on the economic context in which this issue arises and my reactions to the presentations and comments at the meeting.

Those who work for a wage in this nation have a tough time. This ordinance amounts to an action in a war on the homeless. Six councilpersons and the mayor asserted that "this is about safety". If it were, the city would be taking more actions to protect and provide for the homeless. That "it's about safety" is a veneer on what it's really about: penalizing poverty and homelessness.

It's poorly understood how greatly our economic system is rigged against those who work for a wage ... or would desire to work. I explain how and why. I explain why it's so difficult to recover from setbacks: path dependence and economic policies that drive people into poverty. I explain who the "takers" are: the Top 20% and especially the Top 1% showing data on "Tax Expenditures", aka, "Tax Entitlements". I describe the negative effects on our economic and political system: Oligarchy, Plutocracy, and Corporatocracy. I describe how economic development can be effective, not destructive.

People need help, not policies and penalties that make life more difficult.

Trump Government Sabotage
Trump's cabinet picks clearly show that his goal is to sabotage government and plunder the economy for private gain.

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